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It will feel easier with a goal to focus on..

So we are still in lockdown, they’ve loosened the reins but we aren’t out of the woods yet! This week has been a little tough, for me anyway. I expect it’s because of the change of weather. Everything looks sunnier when the sun is out and shining!

One positive is that I am really starting to enjoy my training again. I am beginning to feel fitter and look like my old self - physically that is! Mentally I am still finding it a little difficult, with good days and bad days. I expect I am not alone in feeling like this.

The good days though are slowly beginning to outnumber the bad days. I think that has to do with having a new goal. My goal is to get my fitness back and this one goal has helped increase my motivation this past couple of weeks. I have mentioned before how I use exercise as I crutch to cope with the daily stress of family life etc.

Having a goal even in these difficult times will help you focus on a positive. Make the goal achievable and enjoyable. There is nothing worse than performing fitness sessions that don’t leave you smiling. I know some people don’t have the equipment they normally use but you can compensate by using your imagination. Get on your bike - if you have one. Run if your knees let you - mine won’t, or even start walking those pavements/fields at a quicker pace. Start off looking at basic bodyweight exercises and getting them right. All these won’t cost you anything except a pair of trainers.

So what goal are you thinking off? I know most people will look at themselves and the first thing will be weight loss. Is there anything else that’s more interesting and non- pressurised? Like walking, cycling or running a distance with a time constraint? Or counting how many squats you can do, or looking at your form in a particular exercise and trying to improve it. These types of goals will help your fitness, boost your confidence in your ability, make it interesting and hopefully give you the all important end result!

As I said earlier, I have started a new fitness regime, at the start I did some fitness tests and we will use these as markers. I use targets like this with my indoor rowing remote clients, and when we revisit them a couple of months down the line it always gives them (and me) a boost when they see the improvements in their fitness. If your lucky enough to have a rower then look at the distances such a 2k, 5k and 10k you can use these as markers. Complete the distance then log it and try and beat it!!

Finally, keep that wheel turning when it comes to fitness, do something that makes your heart beat a little faster, something that lifts that mood, anything that leaves you with a smile. Exercise really is a life saver for me and the stress of these tough times and it could be for you too IF you get it and the goals your aiming for right.

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