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Its been a while..

Hi, it’s been a while since one of my blogs. Life has been hectic but obviously not in the normal way. Lockdown has been difficult, juggling working remotely with clients and home schooling at the same time!

The weather has been a godsend for me, getting up and seeing the sun shining has been all it has taken to help me start the day with a little spring in my step! The weeks when the weather hasn’t been great though has been a struggle, and the black cloud has followed me a couple of times.

Exercise has played an important part for me the last month or so, after recovering from illness that affected me for a couple of months. Then recovery from minor surgery meant my fitness had definitely taken a hit! I felt weak performing my strength sessions and my lungs weren’t up to anything longer than a 5km. It definitely hit my confidence and even now I wonder if I will ever get back to how I was 2018. I have started trying to get it back and I am really enjoying the task and feeling the burn of the difficult sessions!

Sensibly though in these strange times, I am using my fitness to stay calm and help me cope with the day to day stresses of having the kids 24/7. They are handling this lockdown well and getting the two youngest to complete their work everyday is surprisingly easy. The most stress is caused by my 12 year old son who seems to think it’s a holiday. so has decided he wants to only do 2 pieces of work a day taking an hour of his time!! I have had to take a step back with this as it was WW3 every morning, leaving me on edge for most of the day!

My PT business is still working but only on a remote basis. The clients who want to have some contact with me get a 40 min session along with sessions sent out weekly. Prices have obviously changed and yes I am out of pocket, this is frustrating but it has made me realise that maybe I didn’t see my business as a business before. I never charged on cancellations etc but after this enforced closure I have been able to think about how my business will be run after all this has passed. Things will be different, hours and days of working will be changed, as will the way sessions are paid, using a monthly direct debit instead of blocks of sessions. Yes, I will be moving into the 21st century!

The most positive thing to come out of all this is the lessening of pressure on myself and husband on what we do with the kids. The simple things such as playing football in the garden, walking to the field to play frisbee have become events to enjoy and look forward to. Getting up on a Saturday/Sunday and not feeling the added pressure of HAVING to take the kids for a day out has been great. And one that I know we will miss when it’s all over.

I hope your all coping ok, and that you, like me are getting through it. Remember it’s ok to not feel great all the time. Try to move a little everyday and hopefully it will help you stay more positive mentally and let's all hope this time passes quickly so we can get back to some kind of normality soon.

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