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Plan, Plan PLAN!

Its 2020, Happy New Year to everyone!

I hope your Christmas was special and you spoilt yourself too. So now its time to think IF you want to change anything from last year. Analyse what was good and what was bad in terms of your personal life, work life and fitness. Is there anything that stands out? Was managing time a problem? Did you try and fit too much into your week? Well this is the time to re-think, and re-programme bits of your life that you think will improve your 2020.

I love the start of a new year, as I do look back and see it as a time to really get my head round certain areas of my life. These areas sometimes felt all-consuming and were tough to juggle with a busy family life too. The main area for me is my fitness, its more than just getting fit. It helps me in all the areas of my life - work, family, mental health and physical health. I myself think that fitness is really important for your mental well-being and I use my sessions as a release from the day to day pressures I face. Without this I truly believe I wouldn't be the person I am today - don't get me wrong- its all a work-in-progress, but without the release and focus that my exercise gives me I think I would struggle mentally.

If you've looked at your life, and decided that you want to switch things up in 2020, then you need a PLAN! I think the most important thing about a plan is to not make it too complicated. Don't expect to change too much all at once either! Make it simple, a little challenging so you have something to work towards. This can make you more excited and motivated, helping you build the strong foundations that will create that habit you want to form in the next few months.

Take for instance my plans for 2020 - there is just one really - to get comfortable with imperfection. This has a lot to do with my indoor rowing goals, and the pressure I put myself under to complete each session perfectly and at the target pace. Realistically this cannot be done in every session, your body will not perform how you want every-time you exercise. There will be days when your tired, under the weather or not feeling it, these are the times that to finish the session is the goal not how quick you do it! There have been so many times over the past year that I have beat myself up because I just haven't hit the numbers, it frustrates me, and I also worry about what others will think of me too. This kind of self-loathing can really hurt your performance, and it has for me, especially in my rowing where the numbers are too important, it can knock your confidence terribly. This is why I have to get comfortable with imperfection - feel ok about going slower than yesterday or the month before, just make sure that I finish it, whatever the end result is. After all it is just exercise at the end of the day and your meant to enjoy it!!

Whatever you want to achieve in 2020, try to make it interesting so you keep it going for the whole year. Try not to make it solely about losing weight, try and look at other things you can achieve along the way alongside weight-loss such as better sleep, more energy, feeling more positive, getting stronger and fitter. I personally believe that if you just concentrate on the weight-loss you will end up resenting the fitness, and this should be what you really enjoy! Once you start moving, all that stress from that shitty day at work will be forgotten for that hour- I promise! Also afterwards the feeling is always so good isn't it?

Finally I hope you achieve everything you want to in 2020. Go get your plan in place, keep a journal of your thoughts for the days and push on. Try and enjoy every moment of the work you are putting in. Remember to take each day as it comes and DON'T FORGET that sometimes what you did YESTERDAY, you may not be able to do TODAY BUT, you may be able to do it TOMORROW instead!!

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