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Fitness and Christmas

The countdown is on for Christmas, and the Christmas parties will be starting soon. It’s a tough time of year to keep that habit that you’ve done so well forming! You can though, you just have to dig deep and push on but also be mindful that missing one or two sessions this time of year due to your social diary being full is ok, it really is!

Don’t stress! If there’s one thing I will have learnt in 2019 it will be that ultimately fitness will always be there. If you have to leave it for a week due to not being able to stretch yourself or you’ve got the dreaded flu its ok. Really it is no drama, push away that guilt, it will just make you feel rubbish and life really is too short!

Christmas ultimately is a time for family and the last 3 weeks of December are always hectic for most people. Putting pressure on yourself to fit in that workout before you go out to see Santa will get you stressed even before you have to fight through the shopping crowds! with the kids in toe!

If you have time in your schedule then by all means try and do something. Take the dog out and walk briskly getting that heart rate up. Do a quick 15 minute bodyweight hiit workout, sit on your exercise bike for 30 mins whilst watching the news or just do a few sit ups before getting dressed. Just moving will make you feel less stressed about things- and we all know that this time of year is particularly stressful!!

Finally, enjoy yourself and the time with your family. Please don’t worry about missing a few sessions, your fitness won’t suffer, if the habit has been formed you have nothing to fear! Christmas is once a year so put exercise into perspective at this time of year - do what you can when you can!!

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