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Lots of people feel intimidated by the first visit to a new gym/PT. It’s only natural, new places and people intimidate me too. When I meet a new client there are always a few butterflies in my stomach. It’s got better as time has passed and I have settled into my new role as a Personal Trainer but all the new-found confidence takes time. Just like it does when you start fitness for the first time.

It might be that you haven’t done any activity since school, so taking that first step of joining a gym or employing a PT is huge! There will be lots of doubts such as - is this financially viable? Will I like my PT? Can I make time to exercise? Is the gym this busy all the time? So many questions that make you doubt the positive decision you’ve made.

These doubts though are just your mind trying to make you put that foot back into that nice comfy, safe, comfort zone! You see, you have been quietly and safely plodding along in that nice fluffy zone of comfort for quite a while now. Now though, it’s time to take hold of your life, health and your fitness. All of these factors will help you in the present and future enjoy a happier, active life! It will believe me!

It’s getting near to the end of 2019, maybe this year hasn’t been the year to change ALL the factors of your lifestyle but 2020 will be. Push those doubts away and welcome the positive thoughts of how much more energy you will have, how your mental health will improve alongside your physical health. It really is a winner.

Look, everyone gets intimidated by new things but once you get into the groove with your gym visits or your PT sessions, the all-important habit starts to form. When the visits will be harder to self-sabotage, you will be recognising bits of progress you are making to yourself whether it’s mentally or physically. This will help you enjoy your time moving and hopefully make you look forward to putting those trainers on and getting active!!

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