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Company whilst working out..

Today was the second time ever that I have rowed with another person. Normally its just me, headphones and the rowing machine, I get into the groove and row. Today was different, I had some great company to row with, we talked laughed and I really enjoyed it!

The row was uncomplicated which obviously is easier than an all out speed interval session, with those types of sessions I really do think that a little bit of solace helps as you can focus more and concentrate on hitting that target. If on the other hand you want to that bit of company to make it harder for you to cut short the session then working out with a partner or friend is the way to go. When you have someone working out beside you, performing the same session, its definitely going to be harder to give up than when your on your own.

Having company whilst exercising helps with motivation too and gives you a little more enthusiasm, for the session. It can also feel like you are sharing the pain which makes the 'pain' feel less uncomfortable. If your feeling like exercising is starting to feel like an uphill struggle and you haven't got the support of a PT then finding that workout friend might just be the next best thing!

It could be that work friend who wants to start a class after work, or the friend that wants to join the gym but is too intimidated to do it on their own. Having company makes everyone have a little more confidence to start new things and even if your company stops, it's given you that little nudge to start and hopefully the habit has been formed for you to keep at it even on your own.

So if your feeling like your motivation for your exercise is slowly ebbing away, or you need that little extra push to finish the sessions, maybe you should think about finding that new workout partner, it could be at work, in your social circle or even at home. Find that person and hopefully you will get that mojo back and it will kickstart your fitness again helping you to progress and reach those goals that you've set yourself!

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