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Motivation - is yours there?

Well is it? The motivation I mean. Why? Well it makes achieving progress that bit easier! If you don’t have motivation then what’s going to push you on when you feel like taking an unplanned break from your program? That little bit of makes all the difference when your body says no!

Most people think I have vast amounts of motivation, personally I don’t think I do. What I do have is a will to succeed and that mixed with a little motivation helps immensely. I have a target/goal that I want to achieve and realise it won’t happen without the training and the sacrifices I have to make.

If you want something badly and you also enjoy that journey to get it, well, you're almost halfway there! There are days when I think I could take a rest day and just veg out, but these are the days that it’s important to get the training done. No unplanned rest days, head down and stick to the training. If you really don’t want to do it try mixing up the sessions a little by varying the exercises this may improve your enthusiasm that day.

This week has been a learning curve for me, my training has changed and I have realised that a bit of variety in training is for me a great motivator. It's nice to realise how you tick so you can get the best out of yourself. Knowing how your mind works when it comes down to exercising is helpful.

Most of you that have read my blogs will know that I do use my training as a kind of de-stressor, these past few months the training has stressed me, making the one constant in my life feel very wobbly. I have been like a bear with a sore head on some occasions and I knew something had to give. If your not enjoying your program it will affect how you feel and look towards getting it done. If it starts feeling like a chore, stop it, after all in the grand scheme of things it’s supposed to be enjoyable! Yes you have that goal and you may (like me) need it to keep your mind clear, BUT if it's also not giving you that satisfied smile at the end of a session then it’s time to rethink and take stock of the situation and change what your doing!

I took that jump last Sunday, it was a scary moment, I did wobble for a couple of days but after my first ‘new’ training session I came out smiling and realised I’d made the right choice. Exercise is supposed to be enjoyable, yes to get better at certain things there is an element of uncomfortableness BUT ultimately a smile should be on that face at the end of your session.

If it's not you have to ask yourself why and then get it and the motivation back!

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