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After all your hardwork where's the progress?

You’ve been training for 6 months now and your not seeing the results you want or need, there are many things to focus on when this is happening. If this sounds like your present predicament then ask yourself some questions BUT answer them honestly! There’s no point blaming your PT or the program if your leaving the training session and ruining all your good work on a Greggs sausage roll!

Personal trainers can only do so much, they can write a program which is goal specific for you, help you perform the program safely, hopefully motivate you along the way and give you basic nutritional advice. That’s it, the rest is up to you, after the session its you who returns home and decides what to eat/drink.

Breaking a sweat, feeling the burn, getting out of breath are all good ways to get fit but alongside this there has to be a plan of action at home. Eating a healthy balanced diet goes hand in hand with a good exercise program.

Another deal breaker in the search for progression is the amount of exercise you do in the week. Visiting a PT or a gym once a week is ok, it makes sure you move a least once a week but I am afraid you need to do more! Even if you can’t afford another PT session there are other ways you can get that exercise in.

If your PT is any good then they will hopefully recognise that you cannot afford another ‘official’ session and write you 1or 2 quick 20-30 min sessions to do in your free time at home, at work or wherever you want to do them. The important point of all this is that you are increasing your activity, once a week is not enough to see results.

Healthy eating is not rocket science and I go out of my way to not really go into a big food discussion with my clients. What I do say is that you can’t just exercise and neither can you just eat well. To keep well, fit and healthy you have to combine the two - a good healthy eating plan and a good exercise program will result in GOOD results!

If your results aren’t quite where you want them, take an honest look at what your doing. Can you do another little exercise session? Are you eating well all week? Remember the PT is only there to help and support you in your sessions, ultimately it is you who will make the difference!

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