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Just Do IT!!

Your not happy in yourself, your health is not good, you really want to change your lifestyle and how your body looks. Well if this is the case for you, what is actually holding you back?

I have quite a few enquiries every month asking for prices, hours of opening and finally, normally a short paragraph of why they want personal training. Most of the time it’s one of the reasons I’ve cited above, they sound pretty unhappy and feel they’ve got stuck in a rut. Now, unfortunately I am not a miracle worker, so to get the results the work has to be put in.

The work, I think that is the point that people get scared of. That and actually making that initial first session visit, the one where you have to get your sports gear on and break into a sweat! There is no quick fix to overhaul an unhealthy lifestyle, it takes time to form different habits, especially when you’ve been living the same lifestyle for most of your adult life!

Normally, quite early on I can tell if my enquiry is serious or not, they start off all enthusiastic and then drop the- ‘thanks for all in the information, I need to think about it’ now this statement isn’t a full-blown ‘no’ but its not looking good!! I never push them, as pressure is a sure-fire way to get a resounding no! So I leave them and yes, the majority of the time I don’t hear from then again. Yes, it wasted my time but I tried, they tried (well they enquired) and maybe after another couple of years they will enquire again, we can only hope!

The other type of enquiry is the- ‘I really need to do something’. Now this sounds a little more positive BUT and there is a big but, the final bit of the sentence is - ‘but I am so unfit, I haven’t done anything forever…’. Now what can I say to this? They’ve realised they need to do something, but they’re scared as they feel the rut they’re stuck in is too deep to climb out - but its not! I can only say that to them, I can’t show them physically that it's not as it’s too difficult for them to comprehend let alone put into practice.

When I get an enquiry like the one above, I feel sorry that they are stuck and feel like there’s no way out. There obviously is, but it will take some really hard work, it will also be uncomfortable too, BUT, when it all starts coming together they will feel fantastic inside and out.

I know there are a lot of faddy diets out there that prey on some pretty vulnerable people, they make it sound like the ‘hard work’ doesn’t need to be done. Well I don’t agree, you may see results at first but once you decide to drop the diet what happens then? Can you stay on the path? What I am saying is that just drinking shakes doesn’t change your lifestyle, so when you give them up, your still living the same lifestyle - no exercise is one of the fundamental reasons that these diets don’t work. (only one of the reasons, there’s plenty more that I won’t go into now!) .

So look, if your unhappy with how your living your life, if you feel your life is too sedentary, your lacking energy, your health is being affected, then DO something about it NOW! Don’t wait for ‘the right time’ - believe me there’s no right time. Make that decision and stay with it, look at how your living your life, get help and support if it looks too tough a journey to do on your own. The most important point of all is it WILL be hard work, it WILL be uncomfortable BUT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO IT!

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