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SPRING into action!

We are well into spring now, the weather is getting better and you should be feeling like you have a little more energy, this is mainly down to the lighter nights and hopefully your putting in some of your free-time into participating in some kind of fitness whether it be a class or an individual program, as now is the time to MOVE!

You see the excuses that you made in the Autumn and winter months just won’t work with me now its spring! The weather is warmer so that little jog/fast walk after work or even in your lunchtime is doable now, as is the trip to the gym after work as the nights are lighter so even on your way home from the gym you will be able to see where your going without sticking on your lights.

I love this time of year, mainly because its my birthday, but also because this is the time to make that jump into fitness, so you are ready for the summer and your holiday! You have a couple of months to work hard, eat more healthy and maybe drink less and by the time summer comes around you will look and feel incredible. The weather will hopefully be glorious so you will be able to show off all your hard work at the beach, it’s so much better when you have a target or event to work towards. It makes all the sacrifices, pain and discomfort that goes along with pushing yourself hard all worthwhile!

So the first thing to do is write down your goals, give yourself a long-term goal - so what you will ultimately be working towards, a mid-term goal so something that will help you keep on achieving, motivating you along the way and finally a short-term goal - this could be a starting pint, so maybe a figure of how many times you want to workout in the first 4 weeks. Remember make ALL of these goals realistic, there is nothing worse than choosing a goal that you haven’t a hope in hell chance of achieving, motivation will go down the drain and it may put you off fitness altogether.

After your goals have been sorted, it’s time to think about what sort of program you want to complete - cardio, weights or classes. There is so much out there, and I would advise you to find someone (maybe a friend), fitness instructor in the local gym or a trained and qualified PT to give you some advice based on your goals. If you join a gym they will hopefully assess you, and help you find the right program based on what you want to achieve, as will the PT. If you are short of funds the internet is a hive of fitness information, you just have to weed out the drivel!

Then its time to SPRING into action, make sure your moving for at least 30-40 mins, two to three times a week, making sure your heart rate is up and there is some sweat on that forehead during and after the workout. Believe me you are not supposed to look great after a workout, you should look tired and sweaty on the outside but kind of energised on the inside! There is nothing better than completing a particularly challenging session, and then feeling it even more the next day, this will prove to yourself you are working hard and with a commitment to the cause you will achieve your goals!

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