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Keep going!!

Its March 2019 already, where is the year going? Time flies by now, I can remember how slow it used to tick by when I was younger and at school! Now there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the ‘jobs’, stuff with kids and fit my training in! I find this a hard one to overcome and get a little stressed if I can’t see an opening for that precious 1 hour of exercise that I need to plan in my day. Luckily after my clients in the morning I am able to fit in my sessions before lunch and school pick-up but there have been days recently where I have had to fit it in when I can. These sessions are the ones I am most proud of completing, the ones where you don’t want to do them but know how good you’ll feel after. I won’t lie training sometimes is a bind but deep down I know what I am striving for, how good I will feel after and these two reasons make me push-on and finish them.

With every program you have there is going to be a blip, how you manage that blip is important. As we are now through the 2 most miserable months of the year - in my opinion - I hope keeping that momentum going on your fitness will become a little easier! Evenings are getting lighter and this makes everyone feel a little more positive about moving after a hard day at work.

Maybe your coming to the end of a phase of training and are planning your next section, obviously when it comes to programs these should all be relative to your goal setting. Whether it's to just feel better inside and out, feel strong, build lean muscle, lose inches or your training for something specific such as a half marathon a new season that promises brighter weather and lighter days will always bring more positivity!

You’ve done very well getting out in the dark evenings to attend your class, the gym or your PT session. I have found my weight sessions in the last 2 weeks so much more enjoyable, the door has been left open and the natural light has been able to stream in making me feel enthused and also making my weight session that bit more comfortable than pacing around in my rest periods trying to keep warm!! Getting through the first 2 months of any fitness program is difficult, the level of commitment you have to find is tough but if your into your third month without any blip then give yourself an almighty pat on the back! Your 3 months away from it being a half year of exercise, it feels good doesn’t it? Even with that blip of a week where you felt a bit rubbish you still got those trainers on the next week and ploughed on, the majority of people starting a new program in January give up after a few weeks so congratulations you didn’t!

So the next month is probably the most important for getting that lifestyle change forged permanently in your life. It takes around 3 months to form the habit and help it become part of your life. By that time you are starting to see results, you have more energy, your mood has lifted, you miss your session if you have to cancel - all these things will hopefully show you that the path of exercise you chose at the start of the year is starting to become ingrained in your life, you’ve started to think about your sessions as a permanent part of your week when your planning extra activities, so are making mental notes to not book anything in your 6:30pm time slots you use thrice weekly at the gym. Doesn’t it feel great?

I am so proud of you, keep going, keeping that commitment and consistency will help you achieve all the goals you set yourself in January 2019. If you feel like you need more help and support then ask, employ a PT just to get you back on that road or if you belong to a gym then get a staff member to look through your program, tweak it a little this may ignite your interest more. If your exercising alone go back to your goals, remember why you started, you have come too far to give it up now!

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