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Make 2019 your year!

Happy New Year!

Is 2019 the year to start the lifestyle change for you to gain more energy, improve your mental health and boost your self confidence? It's all up to you and how you want your year to go. I know we haven’t got a crystal ball but we can make the decision to poke that toe out of our snuggly comfort zone to start with. Yes you’ve been holed up in there for ever, yes it feels safe and secure BUT you will never see the results you crave if you don’t start challenging yourself.

When I competed in December 2018 for the second time in 2 years, during the build-up to the race I was feeling very really stressed. Every time I thought about December 8th 2018 my stomach did somersaults. I’d won the titles in 2017 and I felt enormous pressure to repeat my performance in 2018. The easiest option for me would have been to knock it on the head and tell myself I’d won once and that was enough. I didn’t though, I pushed myself, I challenged myself through the 8 weeks of hard training and turned up on the day and proved to myself I could do it! If I hadn’t I know deep down I would have been kicking myself. I competed for me and for my physical and mental well-being, its boosted my confidence and showed that 2017 wasn’t just luck! Now I plan to better my performance in 2019 so I have to remain out of that comfort zone and train differently to get faster and stronger!

Let 2019 be your year, the year when you decide to buy the trainers and kit. The year to employ the PT to enthuse and push you in your sessions, the year when you decide to take care of your mental health by finding a release from the pressures of work, family and the normal stresses of everyday life. You will be surprised how good you feel after consistently exercising for 12 weeks. How you feel more positive about life in general, how much easier it is to focus, sleep and to get up and move! Once you find that rhythm don’t stop for anyone OR anything, remember who your doing it for - YOU!

So if your still mulling over the what ifs of finding a gym, PT or a program online to start, grab the bull by the horns and like Nike says ‘JUST DO IT’! Believe me that once you start and if you keep on it, by the end of 2019 you will be a different person inside and out!

If you make that habit unbreakable, eat wisely, and move you will make your present life as well as your future a more enjoyable, fun and comfortable experience!

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