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Can I fit in exercise?

It's the beginning of December and the time when people are weighing up the pros and cons of starting a health kick in January 2019. Can they fit it in? What are their time constraints? Have I got childcare so I can get to my session? Have I got enough funds? These are all the questions that they ask themselves whilst making the all-important decision.

Like I have said before the pros will always outweigh the cons for starting an exercise regime, but it's about getting yourself mentally ready for it. The idea is the start but its the physical action of putting the wheels into motion that I think is the hardest for anyone.

The majority of people you speak to would like to move a little more, they realise they’re not doing enough but most don’t know where to start, feeling intimidated by a busy gym floor full of sweaty people. There are other reasons that hold people back such as money, childcare and also not knowing what to do.

The solution to lack of funds is a relatively easy one albeit it needs slightly more motivation. If you want to start moving there is no better exercise that is free than walking, jogging or running. It is high impact, great for your aerobic system and will help you lose weight. It won’t help you build lean muscle but you could definitely use this as a starting point, slowly dipping that foot out of your comfort zone. All you need is a pair of trainers and sports kit, there are plenty of ‘from couch to 5km’ programs on the internet and there are the Park-runs held every week that will further motivation by giving you targets to aim for every week.

The next reason of childcare is a sticky one. It's tough having small kids and feeling the need to start exercising but having the added problem of having no-one to look after the kids. When my kids were small we bought a treadmill, I put it in the garage and started running whilst they were napping either in the morning or lunchtime. It worked to build the foundations of that habit that now is unbreakable. I then bought myself a cheaper version of a rowing machine - and the rest is history. All of this stemmed from my garage and having that motivation and focus to carry on even when I’d been up with the kids the night before. I even bought a travel cot or playpen took it into the garage and let them watch me row - they were always mesmerised!

The next reason is lack of confidence in your ability or knowledge of fitness, this is when joining a gym or hiring a PT becomes helpful. If you feel you need the accountability, knowledge, support, motivation and help in organising a program then a PT is by far the best way to go. They will be enthusiastic and knowledgeable and after you’ve spoken to them about your goals they will be able to write sessions that keep you interested as well produce the results you want.

Finally there is no pill you can take to make you ‘super-fit’, change your body shape or boost your self confidence, it all comes with hard work and motivation. There are going to be times when your body is saying “not today” these are the days when IT SHOULD BE THE DAY - if you can get through these times, whether it's the run on a wet day, a row in a cold garage, a weight session when you’ve been up with a teething little one then you're halfway there. You will make that focus stronger and that habit will be near-impossible to be broken and with a motivational PT supporting you through it, you will have what is needed to improve not only your physical fitness and health but your all important mental health too, making you an all- round healthier individual.

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