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Why goals are so important..

What are the targets you’ve made that will keep your enthusiasm going for your fitness sessions? How many have you made? Just one or a handful? These are all the questions I am starting to ask of all my clients at the moment. Initially they tell me why they’ve come to see me when we first meet and yes, most of them mention the word weight loss which isn’t a bad thing, but after a period of time together I need to find out other goals and targets they want to achieve. This is easier to cover after I have been in their company for a while and have recognised what makes them more enthusiastic in our sessions.

Its lovely getting to know my clients, after all we are in each others company for a couple of hours a week and there is really nowhere to hide for either if us! No tv, or other screens to steal our focus just us, the rowing machine, spin bike or the barbell. I personally love my sessions with my clients, I enjoy our chats about their life in general and enjoy listening to some of their life stories whilst I am putting them through their paces. So while I am listening, I am also thinking about the other goals they want to achieve and how I can make them happen. Whether it's to improve their performance on the rowing machine, to them deadlifting a particular weight, I will try my utmost to help them achieve it. You see, if my clients achieve a short term goal and their focus is on this short term goal for the 4 weeks then I think, reaching their long term goal is going to be more enjoyable and not so intense. It's these little short term challenges that fuel the fire to get to the finishing line- if there is ever a finishing line!

I think fitness is an ongoing project for us all and once you’ve reached your long term goal it really doesn’t stop there. This is why I can’t see how all these shake diets work, you buy the shakes have them for breakfast, lunch etc and you can see the weight dropping off - basically because your not eating food for one of your main meals by the way - then you stop them as you’ve reached your target weight, then you start eating properly and low and behold the weight creeps back on, it also gets harder to lose ( but that’s a whole different blog!). You see everything you do HAS to be consistent, and after you’ve formed the habit of fitness, it’s really important you don’t give it up. To help you keep going changing your goals will be your main focus to form your habit. If you are working with me, we will discuss your short/medium goals every couple of weeks, review your long term targets every 6 weeks and make specific tweaks to your program so you are on the right path for success. After achieving these there will be others to work towards as life changes and so do people, and what they want, I just feel very lucky that I get to help them achieve something so positive in their life.

So take it from me, even if you haven’t got a PT supporting you, you NEED to get your goals sorted. Think of something to achieve in first 4 weeks such as how many times you work out - set a number per week and keep to it. Then think about your medium and long term goals, remember the long term one will always be bubbling around in the background, keep your eye on it and review it consistently, tweaking it and your program when needed. Remember keep the fire alive and your quality of life will be much more enjoyable in your present and future years!

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