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Jump back into fitness after your holiday!

So the summer holiday you had been looking forward to has now passed. All the good work you put in to get into that bikini was so worth it! You looked and felt great in the sunshine and the memories you made will be with you forever. This is how I am feeling today, I am sat in a cabin on a ferry on the way back from my gloriously sunny holiday in France. We had everything you could want over there and I even managed to practice what I preached by completing a couple of workouts!

It's a strange feeling settling back into reality again after a break from normality whether that be work or exercise. Some people need to reassess their targets, some want to carry on chipping away at their set goals from before they went away and others find it difficult to jump onto the fitness bandwagon again especially if the break is longer than a week.

I am raring to start again after an 11 day break from my rowing machine. The break will have done me good both physically and mentally as training all year around on the rowing machine can feel pretty intense sometimes. I used the time away to relax, try out different workouts and most importantly of all spend quality family time and yes I did get to jump of the diving board into the sea with my 2 boys!

My goals and targets now are working towards the competition season for indoor rowing. I have a new strength/pre-comp phase starting on my own written weights plan and I am also starting our team’s rowing program, so my 5 sessions will be programmed for me, on top of that I will still be using the skierg and bikerg, but just ticking over on them for recovery really.

I feel excited about the next few months as I am looking more into my nutrition and how it can help my performance, as well as different supplements that can also enhance it too. I will keep you posted on my findings and hopefully break a few more records along the way. My main target over the next few months is the British indoor rowing championships, I am still in two minds about entering but will continue to work towards it, my next personal goal is to break the 1000m indoor rowing world record - as you can see I like a challenge!

On a business level I am excited about where I can take my PT business and I have decided to start a circuit class later in the year so I will be testing my circuit exercise ideas on my lovely clients who always put in the effort.

So as you can see returning back from a lovely holiday can hold many positive aspects. Set new challenges, goals and targets to make your fitness program more interesting and easier to jump back into. Lastly if your finding choosing a new target/goal hard look towards the end of the year, think about what you would like to achieve before the end of 2018 and go for it!

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