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January was a long month!

I didn't think January was going to end this year! I have never felt much affection for the 'anti-climax after Christmas' month of January, but this year I felt even more disdain for it. Don't get me wrong, I was excited about the prospect of starting this journey of being an indoor rowing instructor and PT but the cold days and nights were beginning to wear me down. Luckily though February is upon us and I can already see the daffodils sprouting up - or is that my optimistic imagination!

I am steadily gaining interest into my indoor rowing world, which is exciting and is fuelling my passion for it (although I don't think my passion for it will ever leave). My own personal indoor rowing training is improving at every session, with pace and higher stroke rate increases, don't get me wrong its tough during the session and there are various points during the rows where my brain is debating with my body to throw in the towel to my whole physical being feeling absolutely exhausted and feeling sick for the first few seconds of my cool-down! I think that's the addiction for me that feeling of accomplishment that you have pushed your body to a place that you doubted it could go but in the end you completed it and did it in style and your still standing - well sitting on the rower!

Today is a challenge training wise for me as I have to fit a weight session and a long distance rowing session in today. I have just said goodbye to a client and I am now focussing on my training for the next hour then I have to revert back to the stay-at-home mum and prepare dinner and pick the kids up, listen to reading, help with homework, referee disagreements, organise bedtime and then jump on the rower to do my 2x6km rowing session. I know after all the above I will enjoy the long 12km row immensely, it will help re-focus my brain and I will glide up and down the rail at a stroke rate of 18 listening to my favourite tunes, it will be pure bliss. I treat these rows as recovery rows as I am pushing my body on the interval sessions so make sure I complete 2 -3 long distance rows a week in between the intense ones this helps conquer the risk of burn-out.

I have 2 weeks left on this 2kmtt and 500tt training plan and then I will start looking at other sessions that will progress me further, I will be using my team Esprits training plan and then one or 2 sessions that I will write myself and try out. At the moment my lovely husband is being a guinea pig for my training sessions I am writing, luckily he is enjoying having some structure in his training - its the only time I can tell him what to do and he listens to me! He is progressing nicely with his average/500 coming down, although I don't think he is particularly relishing the thought of another 2km TT in a few weeks!

Enjoy your training for the coming week!


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