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Great end to the week!

Wow what a great positive week I have had! Today was the icing on the cake when I visited Crossfit Banbury regarding some indoor rowing technique classes, I love crossfit and this place was fabulous, the owner Jake is very enthusiastic about all things Crossfit including indoor rowing and I really hope it is a success!

I am really out of my comfort zone at the moment and loving it! I have posted lots of interesting articles about the benefits of indoor rowing and have had lots of likes and shares of these so hopefully I am pressing peoples buttons about how great indoor rowing is! I have made calls to organise meetings with people to try and spread the word about indoor rowing and my business. Finally I have just received my business cards which is really exciting, I am sure I will be handing them out very soon.

I am also very pleased with the progress I am making in my own training towards my mid-February goal of my 2000m TT and my 500m TT. I have been able to complete all my rowing sessions bar one that is chalked up to do tomorrow after my final weight session of the week. I talked about consistency being the key to success in your rowing in my last blog and the last few weeks prove this. There have been no sessions unfinished and no target paces missed either. In fact I am feeling really confident of hopefully beating my 500m world record during my TT - watch this space to see if I live up to my expectations. The sessions are getting progressively harder with faster pace targets but I seem to be keeping up with them which is great news. My weight sessions are progressing nicely with weight added to both my front and back squat as well as my favourite the deadlift. These resistance weight sessions are great for conditioning your body for indoor rowing. They help build explosive power in your lower body and strengthen your core massively both of these help in the sprint sessions as well as the longer endurance ones too. There's not a better feeling then being able to finish a weight session will all the lifts completed with no fails. Again consistency breeds success, I think this will be another one of my slogans!

So let's hope next week will be another exciting and challenging one!

last weight session

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