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New Year and New Start for SG fitness and indoor rowing.

Well this is certainly the right time of year to start a new challenge! After all the hard work of studying last year and training hard for my December 2017 competition this is the year to put it all together and show everyone all the great benefits of indoor rowing. This blog will talk about my training towards my goals in 2018 and also give you tips on improving your training on the indoor rower. I will also write snippets of how I juggle family life with 3 beautiful, noisy children, a super patient husband and still manage to fit my all important 6 days of training in as well as training others and helping them achieve their 2018 fitness goals. You will see that its not all plain-sailing but come to recognise that above all else consistency is a key element in achieving your fitness goals whatever they are. You will also hear about news from the Indoor Rowing on-line community including competitions that are held on-line or at venues around the country in race season and finally about how my indoor rowing team Esprit has become one of the major players in the world of indoor rowing in just 9 months. I will give you information on how you can compete against your peers all over the world by logging your times/results on the Concept2 Logbook once you have joined as a member. So 2018 looks very exciting for SG fitness and indoor rowing and I hope you enjoy following me on all the new challenges for my business and training in 2018.

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