May 17, 2020

Hi,  it’s been a while since one of my blogs.  Life has been hectic but obviously not in the normal way.  Lockdown has been difficult,  juggling working remotely with clients and home schooling at the same time!

The weather has been a godsend for me,  get...

March 8, 2020

2020 has been a tough year for the Gibbs family so far. We have all had heavy colds, coughs and generally feeling unwell throughout January and February.

With illness comes breaks in your fitness routine,  which means losing important (to me) hours of training.  Importa...

February 13, 2020

It’s February and there is a glimpse of light at the end of the winter tunnel.  I never really thought January and February were tough months until my 40s.  Maybe it’s the lack of sunlight but since Christmas I have really suffered.  

Tiredness is one of...

February 2, 2020

As most of you that read my blogs know, I really advocate lifting weights.  I think it’s beneficial whatever age you are,  it improves strength, balance, posture, mental health,  physical health and really does help you in later life as the movements incorporate activi...

January 4, 2020

Its 2020, Happy New Year to everyone! 

I hope your Christmas was special and you spoilt yourself too.  So now its time to think IF you want to change anything from last year.  Analyse what was good and what was bad in terms of your personal life, work life and fitness....

December 20, 2019

2019 is drawing to a close and it’s time to look back and see what progress you have made throughout the year.  There will be things you can change for the coming new year in relation to your training,  its handy if you keep a journal as it’s much easier  to look back...

November 16, 2019


Lots of people feel intimidated by the first visit to a new gym/PT.  It’s only natural,  new places and people intimidate me too.  When I meet a new client there are always a few butterflies in my stomach.  It’s got better as time has passed and I have sett...

November 2, 2019

I have written about family and time constraints before,  its frustrating and the feelings of guilt are never far away!  For the last 4 years I have managed to juggle my hobby of indoor rowing and family pretty well,  there have been times when I have had to miss a ses...

October 20, 2019

Lifting weights is one of my favourite things to do in the world, I seem to be able to relax whilst doing it, and during the all-important rest periods I sit and think.  What do I think about?  Well everything and anything,  what's happening in my kid's life, clients,...

October 13, 2019

Do you have someone who is your inspiration for your fitness journey?  I do,  well I actually have a few people that I admire and aspire to be like in the world of indoor rowing.  I think that having this sort of inspiration is just as good as having goals and targets...

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