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Keeping up your fitness routine during the school holidays.

Well I am sat here savouring the quietness of my house. I have just dropped off the 3 children at school and I am writing this blog whilst waiting to complete my penultimate session of the week. I am sat here thinking how I need to lap up the last of my 'free-time' before 3.15pm as this is when it will all change for a whole 9 days! The February half-term is welcomed by my household to recharge the batteries of the tired and whingey children but not welcomed by me and my strict fitness regime! This is the half-term that if you had any sense (and money) you'd go away for a week in the sunshine as going to the park in February in the UK is a rather unpleasant experience that frankly after 9 years I've had enough of!!Luckily for me my training will continue fuelled by my passion for indoor rowing and the habit for completing 5-6 sessions a week that has formed over time. I would go crazy if I didn't have my daily grind whether its lifting weights or paddling a 10km. I find my mood drops considerably on my one rest day a week, I feel more cranky with everyone and by 7pm I am ready for bed! I need that Endorphin fix to lift my moods and it makes everything in my life feel much more rosier and the people around me find me much more pleasant to live with! Its all too easy to use the school holidays as an excuse to not do any exercise, whether the excuse is you can't get to the gym or the kids won't let you - I find both these reasons lame. Okay so I don't go to the gym, I am lucky enough to have a rower and weights at home but there are so many videos on the web of short routines you can do 2-3 times during that week or you could take the kids on a little jog/walk. If you are lucky enough to have the equipment at home but feel you can't seem to get any time away to use them well here's my tip - NETFLIX! Find a film pop it on after breakfast and hey presto you have 1 hours worth of fitness time then you have the rest of the day to spend some quality time with your little ones. This is exactly what I do and it never fails me, sign up its a Godsend! Either that or wait until evening but understandably your tired as you've been entertaining the kids all day so you put it off until the next and so on and so forth. Its NETFLIX everytime!So there you have it, 9 days of kids but it can still be 8 days of fitness if you take up my advice and subscribe to the wonder that is internet streaming services. You will feel better, you will enjoy your time more with the children and your routine. Enjoy your half-term!

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